Why NOT Greenville?!

We’ll take any opportunity to rave about our city! While our founders have traveled and lived all around the world, Greenville has always been the place we compare everywhere else to. Greenville just has that vibe that makes you want to stick around. We love the weather, food scene and most importantly the people! Greenville has been at the top of many “top southern towns” lists and a few “top travel” list and while it’s still slightly under the radar we doubt that will last long. We want to be there as Greenville continues to grow while keeping its unique culture.

We also could not be more excited about the burgeoning beer scene in Greenville. With the passing of the Stone Bill (read the all the dirty details here) craft brewing has taken off in South Carolina. We have loved trying breweries all over the state and are thrilled to be joining the ranks of some pretty fabulous breweries in the state.