The Crew

Steve Schofield Head Brewer, Owner

Steve was born in New Jersey as the oldest of four. When it was time to move out, it was an easy decision to enroll in Clemson University’s Chemical Engineering program. While he was there, he started his passion of brewing with a few friends in his apartment. Once graduated, he started working full time as a production engineer at BASF. While there, he realized that his passion was in beer and decided that he needed to change his career path. After three years at the plant, Steve enrolled in Clemson’s full time MBAe program. Through this, he developed the outline of the business plan for Nautic Brewing and met his business partner Tyler. After the program he had the opportunity to attend UC Davis Master Brewers program in California where he was able to grow his knowledge from the homebrew scale to the larger craft scale. Through the entire process, his passion for homebrewing and learning continued as he worked to perfect his recipes and learn from other great brewers. Steve married his wife, and fellow Clemson grad, Emily Lavender in August 2018. They recently bought a house close to DT Greenville. Outside of brewing Steve enjoys cooking, playing video games and hanging with his dog Charlie outside.

Tyler Warren Co-founder, Operations

Tyler was raised in East Tennessee as the middle child of three. He played multiple sports in high school and after graduating in May of 2000, moved to California to play college football. After September 11, 2001, he felt a strong calling to serve in the military, and attempted to join the United State Marine Corps. However, after a lengthy medical appeal process, he was deemed ineligible due to retained hardware in his right leg from a jet ski accident the year before. Tyler returned to the East coast to pursue a degree at his dream school, Clemson University. Upon graduating in 2005, Tyler joined the United States Army as an Infantry Officer and was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He met his wife, Rachel, in the Spring of 2007 and married her in August 2008. He was deployed twice to Afghanistan, first in 2007 and again in 2009. Tyler currently serves as the Fellowship Program Manager and Career Services Specialist with Upstate Warrior Solution. Tyler recently graduated from the Clemson MBA Entrepreneurship and Innovation program, where he met Steve and is excited about launching Nautic Brewing here in Greenville, South Carolina. Tyler enjoys Clemson football, fishing, spending time with his 10 month old boy named Chuckles and traveling around the country.

Brentton Lindsey Contractor, Operations

Brentton has called the Upstate home his whole life. He may have moved around for the Army, school and work, but all roads eventually led back to Greenville. Brentton graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Construction Science and Management and after working in the industry for 6 years he decided to start his own company. But for Brentton the only thing more important than working is playing. As an avid outdoorsman, Brentton enjoys hunting, fishing, skydiving, shooting, playing golf, drinking beer around bodies of water, watching the Clemson Tigers win and the Greenville Swamp Rabbits try real hard. As a self-described “connoisseur- with no real knowledge” Brentton brings a healthy pallette and layman’s terms.